Get to Know David Yungmann


Personal Life

David grew up in the Valley Mede & Mt. Hebron areas of Ellicott City.  He attended public schools and is a graduate of Mt. Hebron High School, where he was already showing his leadership potential as Drum Major of the award-winning marching unit.  David moved to Woodbine 17 years ago where he has raised his two teenage children.  In addition to volunteering in the classroom, enjoying field trips and coaching youth sports, David has become an effective and dedicated leader in the community.

Shared Values

David shares our traditional District 5 values such as small government, a strong economy and individual rights.  He understands the importance of protecting our retirees, promoting agriculture and supporting our property values through sound planning and quality schools.  These are the values that David will effectively represent as our District 5 representative.

Professional Experience

David is a seasoned finance professional with a long career in banking, corporate/project finance and executive management.  His career has led to positions, including CFO and President of small and large companies, requiring him to manage thousands of employees and significant budgets.  With unsurpassed budgeting, finance, contract law and legislative affairs expertise, David is well prepared to handle the critical issues that our County Council will face into the next decade.

Critical Skills

David has by far the most complete resume to serve on the County Council, starting with his stellar financial and budgeting experience.  His real estate background not only highlights his strong negotiating skills, but also provides him with intimate knowledge of our entire county and the skills needed to handle important land use and development challenges.  David’s involvement in legislative affairs, through both his career and community service, has provided him with a wealth of experience dealing with legislation, technical staff reports, bond issues and zoning bills.  David knows the inner-workings of our county government.  Based on his long background of engagement and leadership, David was named Howard County’s Republican Man of the Year in 2016.

Relationships and Community

Over the past 15 years, David has been a tireless and successful community leader.  He led our community opposition to the massive campus proposed for the former Woodmont Academy site and has supported numerous other efforts to stop excessive development.  He was an early player in the effort to change the leadership of our school system and led a successful Board of Education campaign in 2016.  David serves on close to ten high profile non-profit boards and legislative committees involved in everything from economic and employment advocacy to education and land use.  He knows his way around county government and has earned a reputation as an honest and reasonable voice on a full range of county issues.

Why is David the Best Person to Represent Us?

David’s opponent touts his career as an attorney and his tenure on the Board of Appeals as qualifying him to serve on our County Council.  But we need financial and business people in government, not more lawyers, given the overwhelming pressure on our county budget and importance of tax and debt policies.  Plus, it’s beyond time for Howard County to change the way it deals with zoning and development, which isn’t going to happen by promoting the people responsible for so many ill-advised zoning decisions over the past decade.

The Board of Appeals itself is involved in a very narrow segment of county business and has little relevance to the broad range of issues handled by the County Council.  Time on the Board of Appeals, without any other community involvement, simply does not qualify someone to represent us on the Council.

David is the candidate that brings the unsurpassed combination of skills, experience, relationships and proven results that will provide District 5 with nothing but the best representation.