Defending our schools and families

"Our property values and quality of life depend on the reputation and performance of our school system, which is losing its way. While the Board of Education has ultimate authority over our schools, there are areas in which the Council can have an impact."


  • Improved legislation to increase developer fees dedicated to school capacity construction
  • Relentlessly pushed for and achieved the purchase of an elementary school site in Turf Valley
  • Opposed socio-economic redistricting out of neighborhood schools
  • Increased both operating and capital funding to all County Executive proposed budgets

Work To Do

  • Keep pressing to accelerate construction of the Turf Valley ES which will relieve overcrowding throughout the Northern planning region
  • Continue lobbying for modern school  designs that require less land and overhead
  • Seek new funding mechanisms that get schools built, expanded and renovated more efficiently
  • Return focus on academics as the core mission of our schools
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