Spending & Taxes

"Howard County is already an expensive place and the government gets more bloated with every budget. Even worse, the quality of services is declining, delivering less value for those dollars to our taxpayers."


  • Removed millions in operating and capital spending from every annual county executive
    budget request
  • Forced restructuring of significant capital projects to reduce cost and risk to county
  • Defeated the proposed increase in recordation taxes
  • Found compromise to limit the increase in transfer taxes

Work to do

  • Continue educating colleagues on how tax increases drive taxpayers out of the county, ultimately harming property values
  • Remove barriers to commercial growth which grows our revenue without the high service cost of residential growth
  • Push the Board of Education and HCPSS to explore new ways of financing major school
    capital projects to reduce reliance on bonds
  • Keep government focused on service and capital needs versus wants
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