Promoting Agriculture

"Agriculture is the fifth largest industry in the county and our access to locally grown food is more important than ever. It’s also the critical vehicle to ensure preserved acreage remains productive for its intended purpose."


  • Purchased easements to put over 300 acres into agriculture preservation
  • Opposed policies that hurt farming including over-reaching pesticide bans and changes
    in wage rules
  • Secured increased grant funding for expansion, innovation and soil conservation
  • Leading work group to explore ways to better connect the public with agriculture and
    expand agritourism opportunities

Work To Do

  • Expand support of established agriculture businesses
  • Broaden markets for sale and distribution of locally grown product
  • Bring the various agriculture support positions in the county together under one centralized umbrella managed by the agriculture community
  • Grow the next generation of agriculture businesses such as bed and breakfasts, breweries, distilleries, wineries and creameries to expand agriculture overall and better connect the public with our farms
  • Improve local processing capabilities in order to maximize the value of local product
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