David Yungmann: On the Record

I care deeply about our community. That is why I feel it important to be open and transparent about where I stand on the issues.


Zoning and Development

  • Comprehensive revision of zoning and development regulations (in process)
  • Reduce number of zoning districts
  • Expand matter of right uses and reduce conditional uses in each district
  • Require more engineering and studies to be completed up front and submitted with Conditional Use and Zoning district change applications
  • Require that Conditional Uses and ZRAs be in balance with existing community
  • Explore separating Zoning Board function from County Council
  • Provide legal assistance to communities/residents who need help understanding their rights and navigating the formal Conditional Use and ZRA processes
  • Oppose extension of planned service area
  • Target residential allocations to what is needed to support mixed-use projects as well as potential redevelopment areas
  • Expand agriculture opportunities including agritourism, wineries, breweries and partnerships with food bank and other potential consumers
  • Prohibit manufacturing uses on rural parcels other than small accessory activities
  • Improve zoning enforcement by either expanding DPZ’s enforcement role or moving enforcement to another department
  • Review Rt. 40 revitalization plan and elevate that in priority; one goal being to improve walkability


  • Expand the role of private transportation partnerships in the new Transportation Master Plan so bus resources can be better utilized in higher density areas
  • Continue working with SHA on Rt. 99 operational improvements
  • Advocate for Rt. 70 widening which is a more permanent solution to Rt. 99 and Rt. 40 gridlock; already in Priority Letter
  • Work with SHA to minimize out of service period of Triadelphia Rd bridge

Taxes and Fees

  • Support on-going process to create efficiency in government to manage costs
  • Ensure there are no “sacred cows” in the budget
  • Insist on balanced budgets with fully funded liabilities and no tax increases
  • Collapse the rain tax because of its inequitable impact on certain property owners
  • Work with Fire and Rescue to determine if the Fire Tax structure has become too restrictive or is preventing adequate funding
  • Analyze how MIHU funds have been used and evaluate re-allocating some of the MIHU impact fees to school and road construction
  • Continue efforts to hold the Board of Education more accountable on spending including expanding the reporting requirements to the Council
  • Expand the use of public-private partnerships for capital projects such as schools and the courthouse


  • Support construction of high school 13 and elementary school 43
  • Understand why FARMS is growing at such a high rate; the state average is falling while Howard County is up 4.3% (second highest in state)
  • Understand why Howard County’s special education population is growing by close to 5% – second in state – state average 1.5%
  • Push for increased collaboration (formal and informal) between the Board of Education, County Council and Administration
  • Insist on proper modeling to project enrollment demand APFO regulations can work effectively
  • Encourage expansion of trade education through ARL, HCC and magnet programs in high schools

School Safety

  • Better secure the physical target through traditional practices such as more controlled ingress/egress, cameras, reliable cell phone coverage and fences around portables
  • Establish formal procedure to identify and report high-risk individuals
  • Create dedicated team of professionals including school psychologists, counselors and law enforcement to engage with reported high-risk individuals
  • Expand ability of these professionals to track behaviors and social media activities

Seniors, Healthcare and Other Services

  • Provide tax credits and deferrals to retain seniors
  • Expand loan programs to help seniors retrofit homes and age in place
  • Support creation of opioid coordinator at the health department and availability/training of naloxone in public buildings
  • Expand transportation options in lower density areas through partnerships with private contractors
  • Encourage the movement toward a population healthcare model that coordinates full range of health and wellness services provided through existing sources
  • Further address support for young adults with disabilities so they make smooth transitions as they age out of public schools; services such as those provided by The Arc, Humanum and Best Buddies

Sanctuary Status and Immigration

  • Oppose any effort to establish Howard County as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants
  • Support law enforcement determining immigration status of anyone charged with a crime
  • Support the 287g program in principle but would only support implementation in Howard County is the Federal grants are sufficient to cover the program cost; I do not support further stretching our local law enforcement budget to enforce Federal law

Transparency and Process

  • Make bills available online in a mark-lined format so citizens can better understand the entire section of the code that is being revised showing those revisions
  • Incorporate amendments into bills so the complete amended bill can be better understood
  • Review meeting/hearing time policy to determine if there a time of night at which a meeting is no longer public
  • Configure more hearing space so cases do not drag on for extended periods due to booked rooms